Arriving Soon! 2015 Chevy S2500 2015 F350 Arriving Soon!

These Units Are Arriving Soon! Will Not know Pricing Until they hit the ground. If you would like a few more details or would like us to call when they come in please Call Taran Or Ron at 320-732-3600 Thank you

2015 Chevy S1500 Q/C S/B LT 6.0 V8 – 19,678 Miles

2015 Ford F350 STD L/B XL 6.2 V8 – 54,927 Miles

2014 Ford F150 S/Crew S/B Lariat – 30,796 Miles

2008 Chevy Corvette Z06 6 Spd H/T 7.0 V8 – 49,198 Miles

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